06 April 2009

The Spiritual Power of Groundwater!

Springs and seeps and sinks. I always am impressed by water simply appearing out of no-where or disappearing into no-where. Well, not exactly no-where - it is out of the ground or back into the ground. An ephemeral realization of that which is invisibly beneath - groundwater. I grew up in a humid temperate climate, so a spring was an every day thing, although large springs have always been particularly impressive. It wasn't until I moved to the desert Southwest that I first experienced the opposite - a stream disappearing into the underground of a sandy streambed at full speed (the Canada del Oro as it leaves the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, AZ). My video is posted here:

This video is from one of the most gorgeous places on this planet, the Lost Coast in Northern California. Behind large beach sand dunes, a mountain stream has filled a small basin to form a pond. The sand dune that forms the beach is permeable enough to keep the pond from overflowing. Instead, the water filters through the sand dune and reappears on the other side as a spring - but the stream only goes so far before it again disappears into the sand. Quite impressive.

More than anything else, it is visual poetry.

I apologize for the noise - it was a windy day and my commentary was simply blown over. But the imagery speaks for itself.

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