20 August 2009

Water History

The International Water History Association, through Springer, just began a new journal: "Water History". The journal promises to be a great resource for folks interested in all aspects of water and how humans' interactions with water have shaped our landscapes, our societal structures, and our history. The editorial in the inaugural issue explores the journal aspirations in more depth. Very readable material for everyone!

Having always had a bit of interest in history (my geography roots, also inherited from my father), I am looking forward - no: I am outright excited - to be browsing through this journal from time to time - for a physical hydrologist, this journal will provide great stories from the past to bring our science alive - for myself, for my classroom, and for my workshops. My first read will be Kate Berry's

1 comment:

  1. Howdy Thomas, references to your blog from Twitter perked my interest. I am interested in Kate A. Berry's article on the "ghost valley" in N Nevada and will look into finding the entire article.
    I appreciated your comment on May 14, 2009 about groundwater measuring using wells and the possiblity of 10 to 50 percent percolating back into the groundwater system. You do love studying water and I appreciate your scientific approach, instead of crazy politics that always misdirects issues.